Fabulous Blind Ideas

Fabulous Blind Ideas

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Most people know venetian blinds as the slatted plastic strips with cords that are always tangled.
These are quite difficult to clean and can make a room appear messy and shabby just by being tangled or crooked.

Blinds with plastic slats are out in modern interior design. Decorators often choose anodized aluminum and silver blinds for a modern window with minimalist effect. Nowadays, the variety of available venetian blinds includes a range of different designs, textures, and colors. Presently, manufacturers are producing blinds in fresh colors and interesting textures either by anodizing, painting, or coating the slats. The black blinds that were the rage in the 90s’modern trend and the neutral beiges of industrial looks are now considered boring and outdated. Plus, expert designers agree that these colors only make a room drab and impersonal. However, these blinds are still worth keeping if you would invest in special lighting treatments, bulbs, and dimmers. The light treatments can soften the starkness of the blinds.

But why waste money on lights when you can update your rooms by just choosing the right blinds for your rooms? The new, brighter neons will look perfectly retro paired with 60s’ and 70s’ memorabilias and designs. Colors like metallic bronze, gold and silver blinds are hot and will add instant glow and glam in any room. Rather than putting black or white venetian blinds for a wood paneled office, richer and more luxurious colors like deep wine or burgundy are advised. Brown and olive blinds are deemed best for earth toned rooms. Industrial spaces like offices look sleeker and more updated with blinds of celadon or cherry red.

If the more adventurous and bolder colors are not your style, you can still update your blinds by choosing different textures. Wooden slats are good for Asian-inspired or bohemian-themed rooms. Leather covered slats look sleek and collected for offices. Plastics are still okay for uplifting the retro vibes. If your rooms still look dated, the problem might not be the color or texture of your blinds. If you’re still using vertical blinds, especially those that are floor-length, then you’ve found the culprit. These venetian blinds look unfashionable and outdated. Aside from being mostly same in color, they look impersonal. They also interfere with other decorative accents like statues or sculptures. If you’re still saving up to replace vertical blinds, putting sheer curtains or drapes will do the trick. Another outdated blind is the mini-blind though they still function as shades for small windows. Minimize old-fashioned vibes by buying vibrantly colored mini-blinds.

Hand-painted decors are the ultimate fashion statements in terms of window treatment and venetian blinds use this technique. The slats on these blinds form part of a bigger picture when shut. These are more popular in Chinatowns and indie shops. As a result, most of the themes these blinds are of Asian or boho flair. These make for great accent pieces or as a surprise element in any room. Try any one of these tricks and watch your rooms come to life with new window personalities.