Call for Nominations: 2022 Financial Planning Rising Stars Awards

We are pleased to announce the launch of the second Rising Stars in Financial Planning award recognizing planners with no more than five years of industry experience.

The award is intended to identify and celebrate young RIA professionals and career changers who advance the professions through their achievements, contributions and service to the community of advisors and clients nationwide.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, July 15 at midnight. The results will be announced in August.

You can access the application form by clicking here.

For last year’s list of winners: FP Rising Stars 2021.

Who can be nominated? All fee-based or fee-based planners or RIA professionals can nominate or nominate themselves; anyone can submit as many entries as they want.

What information is required? The simple nomination form is designed to be a quick list of planner and company information, with four open-ended questions asking for your explanation of how the candidate is advancing the professional community and why they are a rising star. The Financial planning staff will select winners based on the complete merits of each entry; consideration includes a production-based metric, in terms of demand for the company’s assets under management, but numbers won’t be the only determining factor of winners.

Additional details: Applicants must not have more than five years of wealth management experience as of December 31, 2022. All applications and details will be subject to verification.