Christine Van Cauwenberghe appointed Head of Financial Planning at IG Wealth

“I will effectively be the chief adviser,” Van Cauwenberghe said in an email to Advisor Advantage.

In this role, Van Cauwenberghe oversees the division’s three teams: the Advanced Financial Planning Group, comprised of the firm’s 40 tax and estate professionals; IG University, the firm’s advisor training group; and the Network of Financial Specialists, a new team that will coach High Net Worth Advisors (HNWs).

“As an organization, we have made significant progress in the HNW market, and we want to support our advisors so that they can better serve this market,” Van Cauwenberghe said.

The organization changed its name from Investors Group in 2018 and refocused its marketing towards HNW customers.

Van Cauwenberghe said the firm plans to hire legal and accounting experts over the next few years to bolster its integrated advisory platform offered to clients with at least $1 million to invest, launched three years ago.

Advisors contact a centralized office, which assigns experts to a client’s problem based on need or complexity, rather than where the advisor or expert is located.

Van Cauwenberghe said IG also wants to integrate its advisor training team more closely with its financial planning experts.

“We place great emphasis on supporting advisors in obtaining their Certified Financial Planner (or Pl. Fin. in Quebec) designation,” she said.

Jack Courtney, vice-president of Advanced Financial Planning in Winnipeg, reports to Van Cauwenberghe; Charlene Snell, vice president of training and talent development in Winnipeg; and Nicholas Shields, vice president of financial planning specialists in Montreal, a position he started Jan. 1. Previously, Shields was Vice President of Private Wealth Management in Quebec.

Van Cauwenberghe joined IG Wealth in 2001 as director of tax and estate planning, before being promoted to assistant vice president of tax and estate planning in 2012.

Van Cauwenberghe is a member of the Canadian Tax Foundation, holds the CFP designation, is a registered pension consultant and is certified by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. She is also the author of Wealth planning strategies for Canadiansan annual publication now in its 13th edition.