Concord Wealth Partners Unveils New and Improved Comprehensive Financial Planning Website

ABINGDON, Va., August 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In its mission to become its clients’ most valuable resource, Concord Wealth Partners (CWP), an independent registered investment advisory firm, has officially launched its new website

Concord’s The new website aims to bridge the gap between clients and advisors with a new and improved user experience showcasing its holistic suite of financial services within a sleek, easy-to-navigate digital platform.

Some of the new features of the website are:

  • Information page: A solid library of financial education and market analysis authored by Concord’s advisers.
  • Customer portal and mobile app: where clients can access their investments and portfolio activity live, all in one place.
  • Free 15 minute consultation booking portal: Visitors can schedule a one-to-one phone call with a real advisor (not a robot) in just two clicks.
  • Teams page: More than just a bio page, each adviser of Concorde has its own micro-site displaying its team’s expertise, mission, meeting booking platform, original blogs and social media wall.
  • Advisor space: Where client-focused advisors looking to join the firm can learn more about the benefits of partnering with Concorde.

Digital transformation is part of Concord’s three-phase expansion plan led by Edge Partners™, an RIA growth strategy firm. Concorde launched its growth plan in 2019, starting with rebranding, service and territory expansion, infrastructure optimization and strategic mergers and acquisitions.

The expansion plan so far has included partnering with accounting firms, creating an in-house asset management division, developing strong marketing campaigns and forming partnerships with financial advisors. like-minded people in different geographic markets across the United States, such as Rockville, MD, Charlottesville, Virginiaand more recently, the Greater Boston Region. Since the start of its growth strategy, Concord has increased its assets under management from $350 million in December 2019 to over $800 million in August 2022.

Concord’s the main objective is to improve the overall experience and financial results of its clients through an integrated and institutional powerhouse of quality one-stop financial services.

About Concord Wealth Partners:

Concord Wealth Partners is a VirginiaRIA founded in 2002, is expanding rapidly across the United States. The family-owned financial advisory firm has six offices. It represents more than 800 individuals and small businesses in Virginia, West Virginia, Marylandthe District of Colombia, Northeast Tennesseeand Greater Boston.

Partnership contact:
Matt Heitman

Media Contact:
Silvia Roa Madan
203-769-7237 Ext. 107

Advisory services are offered by Concord Wealth Partners, LLC (“CWP”) and Concord Asset Management, LLC (“CAM”). CWP and CAM are affiliated investment advisers registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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