Financial adviser Anthony A. Naso accused of impersonating a cop

A financial adviser faces charges of theft, conspiracy and impersonation of a law enforcement officer after detectives linked him to a bizarre botched crime in the summer of 2020.

Anthony A. Naso was arrested May 4 in Paramus, New Jersey, after investigators reviewing DNA evidence, surveillance footage, vehicle records and social media identified him as one of the three men who posed as police in an attempt to steal an East Rutherford. residing away from home, according at the Bergen County District Attorney’s Office.

Investigators say Naso, Nicholas Polimeni and a third unidentified assailant grabbed the victim on the stairs outside his door just before 10 p.m. on September 11, 2020 and told him they were police, the warrant and affidavit of the county indicate it. They had donned “police-style badges,” but the victim began to resist them when the attackers ignored her request to see their badges and attempted to tie her hands behind her back, the document says. The victim pushed them away and began calling for help, so Naso and the others fled, police said.

Anthony A. Naso, 28, is listed by the Bergen County Attorney’s Office as a Financial Advisor and by Integrated Financial Concepts, based in Red Bank, New Jersey, as a Financial Representative.

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Naso, a 27-year-old Seaside Heights resident who prosecutors say is married and employed as a financial adviser, and Polimeni, a 27-year-old single tiler from Toms River, failed to rob the victim of what let it be even if they had grabbed, pushed and restrained him during the ambush. They did not know the victim, the warrant states. The charge of conspiracy to commit robbery is a felony, according to inmate records. The authorities released them on bail.

No attorney was listed as representing Naso, and he did not respond to inquiries from the Red Bank-based offices of Integrated Financial Concepts, where he is registered as a “financial representative”. The company did not respond to a phone call and email seeking comment on the allegations against Naso and his employment status with the company. A database of insurance agents also listed Naso as registered in Seaside Heights since February 2021 with a company called Winston Benefits.

A lawyer representing Polimeni did not respond to requests for comment. Beyond the warrant noting that a ‘follower vehicle’ speeding away from the scene that night belongs to ‘a known associate’ of Polimeni and Naso, prosecutors have offered no information about the third man. .

Authorities investigate financial advisers for fraud far more frequently than for other types of crimes, though New Jersey only saw another disturbing arrest last year on charges unrelated to securities. Former LPL Financial and Wealth Enhancement Group advisor Nicholas Spagnoletti pleaded guilty in March to a charge of endangering the welfare of children for distributing child pornography after investigators say he saw it and sent through the Kik Messenger app.

Investigators have cited no motive for the attack on the East Rutherford man outside his home in September 2020. During their getaway, the three assailants had jumped into a waiting black van – later believed to be the GMC Naso’s 2020 Canyon – and a silver sedan identified as the associate’s 2018 Infiniti Q-50, the warrant says. After a “thorough review” of surveillance footage, including footage available from the victim’s doorbell camera, as well as a series of interviews and review of police reports, investigators have located a mask, gloves, screws and one of the fake badges in a parking lot near the scene, according to the document.

Forensic testing of the mask by the New Jersey State Police Laboratory revealed a match with Polimeni, who has a “longtime association” with Naso, according to the warrant. Investigators had listed Naso as a suspect at the time, based on a ‘striking resemblance’ between his photos on social media and law enforcement databases and a ‘widely exposed part’ of the face of one of the men in the videos, according to the document. The same man wore an Adidas hat that resembled the one he wore in a social post, investigators said.

The victim suffered no injuries in the attack, although she was surprised outside her own door when she returned home that evening, according to the document. It is not immediately clear how Naso and Polimeni will argue the allegations. East Rutherford Police Department, Paramus Police Department, Seaside Heights Police Department and Toms River Police Department assisted the office of Bergen County District Attorney Mark Musella in the investigation.