Financial Planning 101 for 2022 | Advice

These professionals do a comprehensive analysis of your entire financial life, help you identify your goals, and then create an investment and insurance strategy to achieve those goals. Estate planning is often offered by a certified financial planner and includes wills, trusts, tax planning, inheritance and end-of-life planning.

Usually, but not always, a professional financial planner will have minimum standards for new clients that have to do with net worth. If you are deeply in debt, a financial planner will likely tell you to come back once you are debt free.

A money coach is an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals by teaching you money management skills, such as how to build savings or pay down debt. A financial coach can help you improve your financial literacy, but cannot give you specific investment advice.

A coach can help you discover what drives your financial decisions, then help you build a budget and create a healthier attitude that will lead to better financial habits.

Although there are no certifications, courses, or licenses required for financial coaches or advisors, there are training programs run by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. You can find a coach on