Intelli360 Wealth emerges as the most outstanding financial consultant

India has just started to recover from the second wave of the pandemic, but the fear that the third wave will hit us harder is still something that worries us all. India’s GDP contracted by 7.3% in 2020-21. Unemployment rates are skyrocketing and MSMEs are starting to close.

People, especially the middle class, have no idea what to do with their savings, where to invest, what mutual fund is right for them, how to manage their finances and that’s where a financial consultant like Intelli360 Wealth comes in. on stage.

Intelli360 Wealth, headquartered in Chennai, is an investment advisory firm that aims to help people grow their wealth through investment opportunities in India and overseas markets. The firm is the best in terms of experience and quality of advice. By helping you choose the best option to achieve your financial goals, Intelli360 Wealth has proven itself among the most notable companies in the field. Understanding your prerequisites, the efficient team shares financial advice that mitigates the risk of your investments and helps you make informed decisions.

K. Koushik, an experienced financial planner with 19 years of experience is the founder of Intelli360 Wealth. He got the Executive Program on Management from IIM Bangalore which accounts for his expertise and prowess in the field. He has extensive knowledge of mutual fund analysis, portfolio restructuring, secondary market bonds and unlisted equities.

As the founder, he worked very hard and ran a remarkable investment advisory firm that aims to provide sound financial advice to its clients. They offer a wide range of services that include mutual funds, estate planning, secondary market bonds, life insurance, health insurance, and unlisted stocks.

They also offer their clients the retirement planning service. Retirement planning involves managing and organizing your assets and savings into a plan that will meet your needs after you retire. Intelli360 Wealth breaks down the financial advice process into three simple steps

1. They help you plan your goals to achieve them efficiently while ensuring that there is also a good insurance plan for you and your family in times of financial difficulty. They also develop asset allocation and tax planning strategies.

2. They help you invest smarter. They have a hardworking team that identifies the right product that suits your goals. These products are selected through their comprehensive research process and experience.

3. They help you keep up with the current market scenario and thus help you make necessary changes in your plan.

A financially well-planned person, family, or business can only move forward with ease and grow on the right charts if it has proper financial back-up and planning. Intelli360 Wealth reinforces this financial support with its exemplary approach in the field.

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