Kristoffer Doura – Motivational Speaker and Financial Consultant, Changing Careers in Response to Difficult Circumstances

The difficult experiences made Kristoffer Doura turn his way to a different career.

A highly regarded motivational speaker and financial consultant, Kristoffer Doura has built a successful career in a short time. He earned this position with endless effort and hard work. Before changing careers to become a well-respected motivational speaker, Kristoffer Doura had a keen interest in football before having a near-death experience that caused him to change careers. He later ended up becoming a personal finance consultant while outlining the key principles a nonprofit must follow to be successful. In addition to being a highly regarded financial consultant and motivational speaker, Kristoffer Doura is currently working on the publication of his upcoming book with Raymond Harlall Mikey Ryan, titled “Let’s Get It”.

His areas of expertise include charitable planning and strategic legacy preparation, as well as corporate exit strategy and corporate succession planning. Since he is so compassionate in doing anything and everything, he has become one of the most popular authors in many different regions and his outstanding writing skills will help him win international bestseller awards. The book revolves around the topics of the critical role of sustainability with a unique business approach and perspective. The subject is of great benefit to people trying to advance in the business world since the book contains golden nuggets of business and financial expertise for professionals.

“After a brief career in professional football, I left the game and dove headfirst into financial services as a financial planner. My areas of expertise include charity planning, inheritance planning and retirement planning. the exit and succession of the company“, says Kristoffer Doura. “I am passionate about philanthropy and am an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami, Boys and Girls Club Broward County and Families First of Palm Beach County.”

Kristoffer Doura fully understands the importance and value of a second chance at living a life; therefore, he truly wants to be the best at everything while having a more meaningful impact in people’s lives. In his book, he shares his struggles and victories during his professional football career that can be applied to building the goals and structure of a non-profit organization. The author goes on to explain how leaders and philanthropists can benefit from taking risks and directly confronting challenges, in order to gain considerable insight into future success.

Throughout the book, every word he wrote had a motivating touch for his readers and subscribers seeking to improve the culture of a nonprofit organization through sustainability and increased access to resources. After attending the awards ceremony in Canada, Kristoffer Doura will do the honors of a signing session in November where his supporters could easily join him in showing their respect and support.

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