Moneytree Celebrates 40 Years of Financial Planning Success with One-Page Summary Report Feature

MUNCIE, Ind., March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Moneytree Software, LTD, an Accutech Systems Corporation company and a leading provider of cloud-based financial planning solutions, today announces the celebration of 40 years of growth and success in the financial planning industry, as well as a new summary feature within the Moneytree platform.

Founded in 1981, Moneytree Software has a rich history of delivering the financial planning and wealth management industry’s most powerful calculation engine that advisors can trust. In 2019, Moneytree Software was acquired by Accutech Systems and underwent a complete brand refresh to underscore its unique value in the industry. Since the acquisition, Moneytree has provided patrick spencer as Managing Director to focus on the financial advisor market and begin supporting the banking and wealth management space that Accutech has heavily impacted.

“When Moneytree started in 1981, the number one goal was to create a calculation engine so accurate that financial advisors could rely on it to build trust with their clients,” Spencer said. “We’ve been serving the advisor space for over 40 years now, and that same goal is still true today. We’re excited to continue building a robust platform that empowers advisors to do their best to serve their clients. “

As part of their ongoing commitment to providing strategic resources that help advisors serve their clients, Moneytree recently released a one-page summary report that allows advisors using Moneytree Plan® to create a customizable summary to provide to their clients.

“A hurdle advisors often face when working with new or existing clients is engaging them when presenting detailed information, and the industry has been asking for a solution for some time now,” Spencer said. “Moneytree’s goal was to solve this problem with both the advisor and the client in mind by creating easy-to-use features that can be presented to the client easily and efficiently.”

In 2021, Moneytree began following a detailed roadmap strategy to create a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services that help advisors meet their clients’ needs. Moneytree has partnered with MX, a data aggregation platform, to introduce account integration into Moneytree Advise and Moneytree Plan, allowing advisors to pull customer financial data from multiple financial institutions to better personalize the wallets.

“If financial planning is core to what you do – which it is for us – Moneytree is the most trusted program that really allows me to tailor my assumptions with customizations,” said Laurie Nardon, Managing Director of Shira Ridge Wealth Management and long-time Moneytree client. “It helps me believe in data integrity in the plans I create for my clients and build the most personalized plan possible.”

In addition to the one-page summary feature and account aggregation capabilities, Moneytree is working to rebuild an efficient data flow by upgrading, improving, and adding new and upgraded integrations to its existing Moneytree Plan platform, including partnerships with Redtail Technology, Albridge Wealth Reporting and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Upcoming integrations include AdvicePay, Special Needs Map and Riskalyze, all of which will be completed in Q2.

“Today’s financial advisor buys technology based on productivity gains, improved client experience and the ability to grow their business. That’s what we’re committed to doing for our customers,” Spencer said. “We are fully committed to ensuring that the calculation engine, which has been so accurate for the past 40 years, continues to be the industry’s number one advisors can rely on.”

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Moneytree Software is a pioneer in developing financial planning technology to support the vital work of financial planners and advisors. The company is focused on empowering planners and independent advisors to develop advanced mathematical tools that produce accurate and repeatable results, inspiring confidence in finance professionals and their clients. For 40 years, Moneytree has provided the financial planning and wealth management industry’s most powerful computing engine, while adding innovative technologies and user experiences that drive advisor practice growth and success. client.

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