More than seven in 10 U.S. investors consider low-cost index funds the best way to build long-term wealth, according to a Gallup poll from September 2021. Are they? For two decades, the biggest players in the asset management industry have been preaching a simple message to traditional investors: Forget theRead More →

BOSTON, January 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Concord Wealth Partners, an independent registered investment advisory firm (“RIA”), has formed a strategic partnership with Coppertree Financial Planning, LLC, a $230 million AUM RIA based in Greater Boston. New England-based Coppertree LLC has joined Concord Wealth Partners and will operate as a newRead More →

(News USA) – The new year has just begun, but it’s never too early to review your financial plan in order to reach your financial goals for 2022. Now is a great time to take steps to reduce your tax liabilities in 2022, according to Dan Mathews, a CERTIFIED FINANCIALRead More →

WASHINGTON, November 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning (“Centre”) today announced that it will join the Financial Alliance for Racial Equity (FARE), a partnership of leading financial services organizations, associations and colleges and historically black universities (HBCUs). FARE was created in late 2020 by aRead More →

For example, there is tax-free compensation, generous education benefits, no or low cost health care, housing allowances and a host of free services on base. That’s why Certified Financial Planners advising military and veteran families suggest you anticipate and plan for what’s to come to minimize financial disruption while savingRead More →

There are more than 40 ESG ratings, 150 rankings and 450 indices, according to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. But as quality information about fund practices becomes more important to advisers, a lack of standardization and transparency means scores can vary depending on the company providing the rating.Read More →

Changing cultural and political attitudes towards employment and the COVID-19 pandemic have upended the talent market – and RIAs are no exception. In fact, the DeVoe 2021 RIA Talent Management Report found that staff turnover increases rapidly in financial advisory practices. With voluntary departures at their highest level in aRead More →

The cryptocurrency has been in the headlines since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. Stories abound of individuals becoming millionaires or even billionaires through their cryptocurrency investments, leading to clients asking their advisors if they should get into the crypto game. While many experts believe that cryptocurrency is here toRead More →

The financial services industry employs a mix of professionals, such as financial consultants and financial advisors, who use titles interchangeably to guide people on how to invest their money for retirement. These securities can be confusing for investors when hiring someone to manage their assets. “The financial services industry hasRead More →

Are you overwhelmed with your finances but don’t even know where to start to get them in order? You have several options: bury your head in the sand, subscribe to personal finance blogs and podcasts to learn from others, or hire a finance professional. If you found your way toRead More →

Money / Financial Planning kate_sept2004 / Getty Images You’ve probably heard of the term financial consultant and you may be wondering what these professionals do. In general, they help you build wealth by designing the best strategy to achieve your goals based on your current financial situation. This includes everythingRead More →